Saturday, February 26, 2011

Been Super Busy

This week has been extremely full and action packed with school, coupon class, and a cake!  Then we had Funfest at SES today and a sweet friend over to try hubby's new Chorizo Burger! 

I am gearing up for March as we speak.  I have a baby shower cake, a birthday cake, and 2 orders of birthday cupcakes (for a very sweet little boy).  Then we already have 2 coupon classes booked (if you are wanting to have a coupon class with your friends, get with me ASAP).  Also let me know if you would like to order cakes or cupcakes for birthdays, showers, and GRADUATION!  I'll even have some Easter cupcakes if you would like to order those (they will only be made if ordered, I try to make sure your desserts are super fresh).

Last night was an experiment for both myself and Amy Franks.  We did a combined coupon class/ 31 party and it worked out beautiful!  Everybody learned how to save money and then bought some really awesome stuff from 31.  If you are interested in a combined party we will all work together to make that happen!

I'm also getting psyched for a freezer cooking day.  With such a hectic schedule I want to make sure we don't run out for fast food and waste our money (except on  occasion).  I will be making my list and I will post it later.

Tonigh's menu was Chorizo Burgers, Jr's Baked Beans, and Melissa's Cupcakes for dessert!

I'm not sure if I can post those recipes but if you would like them I'll check and post if necessary.

I hope everybody has a wonderful week!

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