Sunday, January 23, 2011


As you all know, I have been pushing for people to purchase the Daily Herald (from Columbia, TN) because they WERE the most consistent with the coupons.  They have recently quit carrying one of the inserts due to not resubscribing to them!  I want you all to be warned!  Now to get all your inserts you would have to buy 1 each of the Tennessean and Daily Herald (I would buy 2 copies of each!)  This is not cool.  Of course you can get the Democrat Union (out of Lawrenceburg, TN) for 50 cents and they carry I believe Redplum (correct me if I'm wrong). 

There are internet coupons (which I have recently been printing).  My main gripe with that is you don't know the expiration date until it's printed and you may end up printing something that you can't redeem in time.

I plan on contacting the Daily Herald (which I probably should have done since week 1).  I have really pushed the sale of their paper, because they were so consistent!  I don't buy the paper for any other reason.  I wonder how many of you only buy the paper for coupons?  Let me know I'm curious.

Contact the Daily Herald @

Let me know the response you get!

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  1. I just sent in my email. I was nice. But I did state my dissatisfaction. I hope you are doing it too?