Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night = Date Night

Okay, Okay.  I haven't had a "Date Night" in YEARS!!!  But we did lose one kid for the evening unexpectedly.  Another one already asleep (I do suspect screeming will commence shortly).  The last little munchkin is happily munching his bologna and mustard sandwich, recipe to follow (ok, so that was a joke). 

We did, however, stop at HICKMART (Eliza Karyl calls Quik Mart that) and rented 2 movies.  Barbiesomethinganother and SALT.  We are in the middle of Salt now.  Pretty good so far, but I'd rather blog! lol

One thing I've been busy with (in case ya'll have been wondering).  COOKING!  I posted that stew recipe, but I don't know if I told you, while I was chopping my celery and onions for it, I finished chopping the whole bag of celery, then I chopped 3 more onions and had enough to make 3 bags of chopped veggies for the next soups or stews.  It took an extra 5 minutes, but now I won't have to drag out the cutting board for that task (which I despise anyway.....I don't mind doing it on a large scale, but really don't like doing a little each night).  This is also a huge savings  in money.  I had bought the bag of celery for 69cents.  Not entirely sure, but regular price is usually around $2.  I don't use celery that often, so instead of throwing the rest away, I utilized it for future use.  I only have to wash the knife and cutting board 1 time versus 4 times, thus saving dish soap, and time.  See how all that works?

I am gearing up for my vegetable garden this year!!!!  I really hope it does good.  I just bought, and received, a book off of Amazon (free thanks to SWAGBUCKS....sign up on the widget to your right) "Vegetable Gardening for Dummies".  While I don't feel I am a DUMMY (hush it Bailey), I am a book worm.  If I am to do something I need to know the Science behind it all.  This allows me to "get it".  And I'm more of a Math geek than a Science geek.  I hope to keep ya'll updated on my garden as well (so this summer, I may really slack on posts, but I hope to stay on top of it all). 

Anybody else looking forward to gardening or have a new recipe???  Tell me about it!  I would love to see!

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