Friday, January 7, 2011

The Wonderful World of Rebates!!

I’m diving into a world I’ve barely ever ventured into. If you enjoy going to Rite Aid, they do have a wonderful rebate program. Honestly though, these same deals hit other drug stores using their own incentive programs. I am not ashamed to say that I LOVE CVS IN LAWRENCEBURG. That’s not to say I haven’t ventured in Walgreens to snag a few deals. To me, CVS’s program is just much simpler, and with everything else going on in life simplicity is key.
One reason I went to Walgreens last week…..REBATES. There happen to be a rebate available if you bought $50 in participating products you get $20 back! WOW! And this is before you use your coupons! So in reality you may only spend $25 or so and still get $20 back! That’s just awesome!!! One of the participating products was Clairol. Since my mother uses Nice ‘N Easy, she bought her some and gave me the receipts….an easy $16 towards my $50 for the rebate! Because of her help, I’m able to send one offer to her address! I came up short $16 and a VERY sweet friend helped me out with some receipts she had because she wasn’t going to need them. How awesome!

So now that I’m hooked I’m on the lookout for rebates! We’re searching cereal boxes, canned goods, anything! In my search for an online database, I found a blog (on Facebook) Couponing to Disney!!! Wow! She is dedicated! But she did have a database and some other tips I am finding quite helpful! I figure it takes me 2 extra minutes to save my receipts and send off a rebate….WHY NOT?

As far as how I’m keeping up with it all. For now, I’m putting receipts in white envelopes, one for each month. I hope to keep a database of what I send for and what I receive. I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress. If you know of a good system, or if you know of a great database of active rebates, I would love to hear about them!

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