Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meal Plans for Weekending January 22, 2010

Monday - Lunch, Deer Stew                            Dinner, Leftovers/ or Cereal
Tuesday - Lunch, Spaghetti Bake                     Dinner, Chili Dogs
Wednesday - Lunch, Tuna Fish Sandwiches      Dinner, Roast Beef
Thursday - Lunch, Leftovers or Potato Soap      Dinner, Sausage Omelets, Biscuits and Gravy & Homefries
Friday - Lunch, Egg Salad Sandwiches              Dinner, Italian Chicken Breasts
Saturday - Lunch, Beans and Cornbread            Dinner, Grilled Pork Chops

Vegetables will be determined as I go, but definitely it will be items we already have in the pantry. Breakfast will vary on what we are in the mood for, but never much more than cereal, oatmeal, or just scrambled eggs.

Anybody else doing a pantry challenge? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about go to Life as MOM, she takes you step-by-step. It has really opened up my eyes on how much I stockpile.

On another note, I was quite saddened that I didn’t make it to CVS last week, but I chose not to. I really wanted to cash in on a few bargains, but honestly, I have all the toiletries I need, so I’m trying very hard to not go. I want to dwindle down some of my stockpiles first. So unless I’m already in town (which I probably will be this week, lol) I won’t stress about it too much.

I am constantly questioned about why I buy items I don’t need at the time. To sum it up. I “buy” things when they are super cheap to free. Let me ask you this. When you buy your body wash. Your everyday stuff, whatever brand that is, including generic. Would you like to pay $5 +tax for it? Or would you like to only pay the taxes on it and get a name brand? I’m loving my closet full of name brands that I paid considerably less for than if I only bought stuff as I needed it. So yes, I stockpile when I get the chance. It’s not every week that you can get what you need for free!

Couponing takes work. It’s not hard, but you get out of it what you put in to it. Some people have a little time, some people have a lot of time. Unfortunately I’m one that has a lot. But you know…the more I do this, the easier it gets. I see no reason no matter how busy my life is why I can’t set aside 2 extra hours a week to work on saving my family some money! I hope you will be able to as well!

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