Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food Lion Trip 1-8-11

Of course they’re calling for snow and I need milk and some meat. So I talk hubby and taking me to Food Lion because he wanted to run to Mt. Pleasant and I wanted a few free items! lol

I picked up 4 Kellog’s Special K cereals (found my Buy One Get One coupons I lost yesterday, filed under the wrong letter!). When you buy 4 Special K’s you received a free gallon of Orange Juice!!! All in all 4 boxes of cereal and 1 gallon of OJ cost $3.50 plus tax. 2 Deer Park Aqua Pod waters for FREE! (on sale $1, had a $1 off coupon). 2 FREE Best Life Butters! 2 Hormel Roast Beef Entrees for $2.99 each (these are regularly $7.49each and we don‘t eat much roast beef due to price, this was 2 pounds worth). 2 Whole Chickens (I think they were about 67 cents a pound). Some 2 liter drinks (gotta have my caffeine), some candy bars (gotta have my chocolate), ice cream (for Thomas, really), a head of lettuce, 4 Swiss Miss Cocoas (75 cents each after coupon and got a free Reddi Whip to go with it). I’m quite happy, may have got another item or 2, but that’s the main thing.

Retail….$87.50 Out of Pocket (pretax)….$40.08 Savings….54.19%
ANYTIME I save over 50% on groceries alone I’m tickled pink….of course if I’d left off the liquid happy and chocolate soothing agents the percentage might have been much higher! lol

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