Sunday, January 16, 2011

Who says nothing in life is free???

Certainly not me!

If you have never heard of SWAGBUCKS let me tell you!  Swagbucks is basically a rewards program for searching items in their search engine.  It's super simple and easy to do.   To get started, go to my widget at the right hand side of the page and click "Sign Up", you will be well on your way towards earning swagbucks.  Do it now!!!  Before you forget!!! lol

Now that your signed up, there are many things you can do to earn swagbucks: searching, using their toolbar, surveys, shopping, and more!  It is so simple!  I honestly only use the toolbar to search.  I don't stress about any of the other mess at the moment.  I do however have about a dozen referrals.  Each referral you have they will match that person's swagbucks (searches only, I believe up to 1000).  So if I have 9 referrals and all 9 hit the 1000 swagbucks, my friends basically earned me $50 in Amazon gift cards!  Mainly because that is my product of choice in the Swagstore!  There are many other cards you can purchase with your swag bucks, but read carefully and research before purchasing!  Also, do the math!!!  They have a $5 and $25 Amazon gift card, but it is cheaper to purchase 5, $5 cards than it is 1, $25 card.  So think it thru thoroughly before committing.  If you have any questions about swagbucks let me know.  I hope to do more posts in the future.

There is also another program similar to Swagbucks called CHECKPOINTS, this link takes you to my friend Becky Perry's blog.  If you own an iTouch, iPhone or Android phone, you might be interested in this new app called “Checkpoints”.  Follow her instructions on how to sign up and her tips are useful...I don't have any of these phones, but she has one, and as I said before, Who says nothing in life is free? lol  ENJOY!!!


  1. OK ya'll, I have 2 kids litterally bouncing off the walls! 9 referrals maxed out would get you $100 in Amazon gift cards!!!! Even better!